The Universal Truth: Nothing is Universal

The Universal Truth: Nothing is Universal

Hey, guess what?!  You’re you!!  Haha.  No really, you are unequivocally yourself even if you are trying to be someone else.  Each person on earth is walking around as their own personal fingerprint.  We all know that a fingerprint is unique to each person, but in reality this is just a microcosm for our biological makeup as a whole.  Your bone structure, muscle mass, hormone balance, gut biome, organs, and a bunch of other factors determine your exact existence in this world.  This means that there will never be anyone on earth, past, present or future who has the same exact qualities as you.  

At the same time we live in a world of conformity where there is so much outside influence and comparison to other people, whether that’s in-person, on TV or through social media.  Every commercial is touting a new you, every influencer wants you to look and feel like them, and most celebrities endorse products or services with unrealistic or impossible results.   Because of this, we have come to believe that our ideal life is reflected on a screen.  This dynamic has led to myriad problems such as body dysmorphia, low self-esteem, and misinformation that leads to the use of unnecessary or dangerous products.  

The simple truth is this: we need to get more comfortable in our own skin.  That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to better yourself, but it does mean that you shouldn’t strive to be someone else.  You can’t become Ryan Gosling or Ana De Armas, but you can become the best version of yourself through hard work, discipline, and REALISTIC goal-setting.  

The first step is to become aware of the conscious and unconscious influence that the world has on your self-perception.  Most people trying to sell you something are going to play to your emotions.  Fear, anxiety and sadness are all buttons that people press to convince others that  they need the product or service being sold.  You making a decision in an emotional state is exactly what they’re looking for, but the problem is that human beings don’t function well when emotions are running high.  We become irrational, impulsive and needy which is good for the seller but bad for the consumer.  Start to recognize and understand the difference between an emotional decision and a logical decision.  Stifling your initial reaction by taking a deep breath or two and then logically thinking through the situation is a great way to make an informed decision that you won’t regret later.

Secondly, you need to live your life for you.  Making informed decisions is step one, but making sure those informed decisions are the best fit for you is the other half to that equation.  Like the title of this article states, nothing is universal from person to person.  Everyone should be following the same basic health guidelines: exercise, healthy eating, quality sleep, hydration, stress management, and social interaction.  But how you practice each of those will look different from person to person based on genetics/biological makeup, goals, ability, age, etc.  

And unfortunately, our society functions exactly the opposite.  The majority of influence in the world wants you to contort yourself to fit their mold.  They guarantee results without knowing who you are as a person, even at the most shallow level.  You deserve better and you should demand better.  Both from yourself and from the world around you.  Don’t let anyone dictate what’s best for you when you have all the power to make informed decisions with your best interest in mind.  

Your health is top on the list of things to cater to your unique makeup.  It can take some time and a bit of trial and error, but in the end it will be worth it to ensure that your needs are top priority.  

At the same time there is a delicate balance that needs to happen while you are trying to find what works for you.  You don’t want to go so far that you never take yourself out of your comfort zone either.  The strategy of growth is intricate and requires attention to detail.  It should be a reflection of yourself that fits you like a glove.  Your evolution starts inside and works outward, not the other way around.  Your ideal self is out there, go find them!

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