Who We Are

Hello and thank you for taking a tour of FIT4YOU headquarters!  My name is Sean Barrett, founder and CEO.  Although I've been a coach for the past 5 years, I have been studying fitness for most of my life. I am a true believer in concurrent training (see below) and will always continue to strive to improve my knowledge and experience. I've lived in Chicago my whole life and love to read and travel!

-NASM certified personal trainer

-NASM certified nutritionist

-CPR/AED certified

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  • Definition:

    Concurrent training (CT) is defined as the combination of resistance and endurance training in a progressive program to maximize all aspects of a person’s physical health and performance.

  • What does this mean?

    Very simply put concurrent training is a program that blends strength and conditioning together to make you the healthiest version of yourself. There are other concurrent or cross training programs out there but none of them are designed to incorporate all aspects of both strength and conditioning as efficiently as FIT4YOU.